Seat Availability

Please select your departure and arrival locations, and click the year and month buttons.
It is possible to check seating availability from today to 55 days from now.

The "Seating Availability" status listed below is dependent upon reservations
(i.e. seats may suddenly become available if customers cancel their reservations).

Please direct inquiries to the Zamami Village Naha Ticket Office in Tomari Port.

Reservations by phone are possible beginning at 10:00AM, 1 month prior to the day of travel.

Zamami Village Office Naha Branch Office (10:00-17:00)
Tel. 098-868-4567

Departure: Arrival:

◎:Vacant Seats ▲:Some Vacant Seats Remaining ×:All Seats Occupied -:Reservation Period Closed
Date Departure
Name of Vessel Stopping at Seat
11/28(Mon) 10:00 Ferry Zamami Aka Port
11/29(Tue) 10:00 Ferry Zamami Aka Port
11/30(Wed) 10:00 Ferry Zamami Aka Port

  • Reception for cargo items on the Ferry Zamami closes 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Passengers are limited to one hand-carried item of luggage per person.
  • We ask for your understanding that departure time maybe changed or ferries canceled due to rough sea conditions or other unforseen circumstances.
  • About the symbols displayed in the "Seating Availability" column:
    • ◎→ Vacant Seats
    • ▲→ Some Vacant Seats Remaining
    • ×→ All Seats Occupied
    • -→ Reservation Period Closed