Reservations with credit cards issued outside of Japan can only be made 23 days prior to departure.
일본 이외의 국가에서 발행된 신용카드를 사용한 예약 신청은, 승선일 23일 전부터 접수받고 있습니다.
使用在日本以外的国家所发行的信用卡的预约申请, 将于乘船日的23天前开始受理。
使用國外發行的信用卡預約時, 從登船日的23天前開始受理。

The return ticket of a round trip reservation (and its accompanying discounts) can only be made
within 14 days of the outbound trip.
E.g. If the outbound trip was on 6/1, a return trip ticket (and any applicable discounts) may be booked until 6/14.

We ask for your understanding with regards to the following points:
  • Payment by credit card is required when making a reservation through this system.
  • There is a limited number of seats on each vessel. Please make your reservation after verifying the availability of seats on your desired day of travel.
    Seats may become available as your date of boarding approaches due to canceled reservations.
  • When booking a round trip ticket, the outbound and inbound trips cannot be made on different vessels.
    When vessels differ, you must reserve and purchase two one-way tickets.
  • Please purchase your boarding ticket at least 30 minutes prior to boarding.
  • To make a change to your reservation after completing your booking, please contact the phone number below.
    After credit card payment registration, cancellation on the day of boarding (after 0:00 a.m. in Japan Standard Time) cannot be performed on this site.
    Please contact the phone number below at least before boarding time.

    Zamami Village Office Naha Branch Office (10:00-17:00)
    Tel. 098-868-4567